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If you're fucking cool and have a heart, please read.
Christian Cookie
As some of you know, I have to get an MRI done to determine if I have Multiple Sclerosis.

I'm going through a crazy roller coaster trying to figure out what I'm going to do with a $2,000 procedure. I'm sure most of you can understand that not having health benefits can suck mammoth balls.

This is where you come in to play.

There are two options for helping me out if you want to. (and trust me, it is most appreciated!)

Option One:

Friday, March 30 at Mephistos is Brandie Doll's Birthday Slash Bash. Not only is she beautiful, kick ass, and amazing (the list goes on), she's kind enough to hold a charity for this important and serious situation.

There will be bands and lap dances and balloons (very important) and cake and cheap drinks and boobies!


So, come out and give a hot girl a birthday hug, and help support this worthy cause.

Option Two:

If you don't like Mephistos or can't make it, I have a donation button for your convenience. Every penny is gold to me, and I will personally hug and possibly bake cookies for your kindness and love.

Every bit helps. It's not often that I reach out for help, but I'm not ashamed to ask for it. I know my friends are there for me.

Spread the word!

Thank you for your time...now go on and kick some ass!

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Christian Cookie

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